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Part V: Instead of just sponsoring them – What if top brands played bowl games?

Now that college bowl season is officially over with Clemson University defeating the University of Alabama in stunning fashion last night, we thought we would take our final week in this series to honor the new champion of College Football.


In case you’re not familiar, Clemson University is located in the upstate portion of the great state of South Carolina. Using our 2016 Brand Strength Monitor data (TBSM), we decided to take a look at which brands perform better in South Carolina versus the national average. Below is a map that shows each brand that over-performs with brand preference in South Carolina versus the national average by at least 10 points.



In case you’re wondering, the #1 brand for over-performing in South Carolina is Duke’s Mayonnaise, who just happens to have their beginnings in Greenville, which is just about a half hour from Clemson’s campus.


Other brands that perform well in SC include brands that have their biggest strengths in the South, including Walmart, Chick-fil-A, and Lipton. Wells Fargo, with its acquisition of Wachovia from nearby Charlotte, NC last decade, also has strength in SC.


That is it for this week, but we will be back with more brand strength-focused blogs throughout 2017.


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